A+ Produce
is a small farm
located in the village of
Pitman, Pennsylvania

We are nestled in the quiet countryside of a town so small it's considered a village. Pitman has rolling farmland as far as the eye can see, roads that may or may not have any lines at all, a town where you can still find old fashioned smoked meats, and a place where you will overhear conversations in Pennsylvania Dutch.
We are about one hour northeast of Harrisburg, about one hour southwest of Jim Thorpe, ten minutes north of Hegins and only a few miles past the iconic (locally speaking) "purple pump" at Jack's Spot.

We grow quality the sustainable way

We remain mindful of our inherent duty to be good stewards, which is exhibited in our natural growing practices. We do not use herbicides, synthetic pesticides, or gmo-seed. We do use organic fertilizers, crop rotation, drip irrigation, and most of our cultivating is done by hand.
We are firm believers in transparent farming and have more information about our farm available in the Growing Forward section.
We invite you to forward your questions or simply schedule a farm walk with us.

We are passionate about growing good food

We enjoy growing varieties that are eye catching, funky and flavorful.
Good food isn't merely determined by variety alone, but how it is produced. Which is why we are dedicated to growing with nature. We want you to be able to sink your teeth into one of our tasty heirloom tomatoes, without having to second guess the history behind it.

Our fresh veg is easing minds and feeding our friends in the Pottsville, Jim Thorpe, and Harrisburg areas through our CSA+ and fresh markets.