We grow quality
in a sustainable way

The inherent duty to be good stewards of the land is what drives our growing practices. We do not use harmful herbicides, synthetic pesticides, or roundup-ready seed.  We do use organic fertilizers, crop rotation, drip irrigation, and most of our cultivating is done by hand.

OUR farm IS located in
Pitman, Pennsylvania

We are nestled in the quiet countryside, in a town so small it's considered a village.  Pitman is located about 50 miles northeast of Harrisburg, 50 miles southwest of Jim Thorpe, and 8 miles north of Hegins.

We are passionate
about growing
good food

We the people need to #EatMoreVeg, and most of us can agree that sometimes that is easier said than done.
That's why we search out and grow eye-catching, funky, flavorful varieties.   From old favorites to new super foods, we aim to fulfill our members' requests.